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Hortay Pidok (Ancient Buddhist Scripts Library)

This is an impressive old structure originally built in the 17th Century. It is the most important repository of palm leaf books written in Burmese Pali, Khmer and ancient Lao alphabets in Laos. There are ...

Dong Ling (Monkey Forest)

This is sacred forest located in Ban Dong Muong - covering more than 3 hectares. savannakhetattractions,ecotourism,laosIt is a monkey kingdom!

Nong Phapra (Turtle Lake)

This lake was originally constructed for rice paddy irrigation and is now home to beautiful lotus blooms, bathing water buffalos, migratory birds and local people working in the paddy fields. Unfortunately, ...

Dong Phou Vieng National Protected Area and Nong Lom Lake

The area covers more than 1,970 sq. km. This National Protected Area features plenty of greenery and wild life.

The Savannakhet Dinosaur Museum

This is a houses of dinosaur fossils or big lizard bones’ as called in Lao, which were excavated from Ban Tang Vay, in Xonbouly District. Only 3 kinds of dinosaur bones have been discovered: ...

Heuan Hinh (Stone House)

A 1,000-year old outpost of the Khmer civilization, Heuan Hinh, is one of the most interesting Khmer ruins in Savannakhet. Unfortunately, like many other other historical sites, most of the original ...

Wat Xayaphoum Temple

Located at Ban Xayaphoum Village on the bank of the Mekong River, Wat Xayaphoum was built in 1542, the same period of Ban Thahir or Nakham. It is the center of the local Buddhist people with arts and ...

That Ing Hang Stupa

A much revered Buddhist stupa dating from the sixteenth century, That Ing Hang is located just outside Savannakhet and can be reached by bicycle or motorcycle: follow Route 13 north for 13km until you see a ...
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