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Tour Code : From $ 16
Destination : The Honey Trail to Nong Lom Lake
Dong Natad National Provincial Protected Area (NBCA), the most famous eco-tourism location in Laos, has a number of forests which are perfect for an adventure trek. Day trips are available while overnight stays offer yet more in term of homestays, local costumes, and vigorous hiking.

    * Trek through ancient forests
    * Hear stories of the sacred lake
    * Visit That Ing Hang stupa.

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Start time:  8:00 am
End at : 4:00 pm
Departure date: Daily
Maximum group size 10
Transport: Tuk-Tuk

    * Learn how local people collect wild honey and therefore how this trek got its name.
    * Visit a working salt mine and observe traditonal processes still in use.
    * Try some of the forest products used for food, medicine, fuel and other purposes.
    * Listen to the music of the forest created by the birds, insects and animals.
    * Visit the beautiful Nong Lom lake.
    * Walk under the towering trees in a spectacular emerald forest.
    * Learn about traditional village crafts, including weaving, and production of mats and torches.
    * Visit the spiritual heart of Savannakhet, That Ing Hang stupa, one of the most important regligious site in Laos.
    * If you are lucky you may encounter monkeys which are considered sacred.

Trekking Guidelines:
    * As parts of Dong Natad forest are considered sacred, please follow all instructions from guides and local people.
    * Do not hunt wildlife or damage plants.
    * Do not take products out of the forest without first checking with your guide.
    * Tell the guide if you see anything wildlife.
    * Do Not destroy or remove any ancient relics.
    * Never give medicine or food to villagers, particulary children.
    * Do not bring alcohol in to That In Hang stupa.
    * When visiting the villager's house, do not enter the owner's bedroom or touch the spirit altars.
    * Please ask before taking photographs.
    * Please remove your shoes and hats before entering villager's houses and That In Hang stupa.
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Number person Adults Under 2 years old Over 2 years old
  *Hotel/ guesthouse pick up and all transportation during the trek
  *Provincial and village guide service
  *All meals and home stay during the trek
  *Entrance fee for stupa, Drinking water during the trek
  *Contribution and village development funds
  *All tax and service charges.

Transport to / from Savannakhet from other provinces is not included

Things to take with you:
    * Shoes for trekking (Running shoes are ok).
    * Sunscreen, insect repellent and hat
    * Cameral and binoculars (if you have them).
    * bathing clothes and towel (Salong for women)

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