Savanakhet Shopping

The market's location is about 200 metressouth from the town centre. Pakse Morning Market sells fruit and vegetables grown in the back yards of locals and also sells goods like clothing, crafts, silverwares, ...

Eco-tourism treks

The treks featured by Eco-tourism treks are mostly operated by provincial guide services and the villagers along the trail, all of who have received training. A ...

Savannakhet Activities

Although Savannakhet has a handful of tourist attractions, its main strength actually lies in eco-tourism, especially trekking through its provincial protected area, Dong Natad. A journey through remote ...

Savannakhet Nightlife

Even on a Saturday night there is never a huge amount of people around to provide a ‘Saturday night’ feeling and atmosphere. Although Savannakhet is the second-largest city in Laos, travelers ...
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